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Amelia the Omnivore

Amelia the Omnivore

This blog began as an experiment and a platform to discuss my views on food; my own omnivore’s dilemma. Since then it has expanded to include posts on wedding planning, marriage, urban lifestyle and travel.

I love to eat, cook without recipes, and drink red wine! Beyond being an omnivore I am a musician, educator, entrepreneur and wife. I live in Toronto, Canada within walking distance of St Lawrence Market. 

My journey has taken me to many places, including living in Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and a rural town in Ecuador. Each city along the way has impacted my view on food, culture and life tremendously. 

Join my journey as Amelia the Omnivore to find new ideas, humour, rants, recipes, and most of all, encouragement! You'll also find posts about wedding planning, marriage, and more to come as the blog (and my life) evolves.


All Photographs © Copyright 2017 Amelia Pipher Cayne