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Kruos Pendant
Kruos Pendant

Kruos Pendant


Kruos | A delicate Rose Gold chain with a quartz crystal 


The beautiful and elegant Kruos pendant on a rose gold lariat style chain. This penant features a stunning and sparkling piece of raw quartz crystal.

Pendant Specifications

  • 14k rose gold
  • stone: 15mm x 10.8mm (roughly)
  • length of lariat and stone: 35.2mm
  • overall length: 10 inches from closed clasp to tip of stone
  • weight (including chain): 4.5 g

* Please note the earrings pictured are ready to ship. 



Note: The product shown in the photos is a representation of the actual piece. Due to the nature of handmade jewellery, no two are exactly alike so you will find subtle variations in character, but not in quality. Please read our Colour Disclaimer here. In the case of diamonds and gemstones, no two stones are the same. Always defer to the detailed gemological information provided in the specifications above.

Should you have any specific questions about the item offered, please contact us, and we’ll happily send you a photograph taken in natural light of the exact item.


Kruos Pendant

Kruos Pendant

Kruos Pendant
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