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CBC Radio 3 Interview — The Royal Wedding

The following is a transcription of a CBC Radio 3 panel discussion featuring CBC interviewer Rick Cluff, Rosemary Bartram of Era Design & Sarah Shore of Dream Group Productions following the announcement of the royal engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton. CBC Radio 3, The Early Edition, November 17 2010 — Rick Cluff, Interviewer

Interviewer: The world watched Diana marry Charles back in 1981, and next year their son William will marry Kate Middleton in London. The Royal wedding is sure to start many new matrimonial trends, even right here at home. Now, Sarah Shore is a wedding planner with Dream Group Productions and Rosemary Bartram is the owner of Era Jewellery Design. And both join me here in Studio 10. I guess we can’t call her Kate, I’m told now it’s going to be Catherine.

Sarah: Yes I did hear that!

Interviewer: Yes it’s Catherine Middleton, becoming very formal, very shi shi. Rosemary, the big announcement yesterday came complete with Diana’s engagement ring. Everybody saw that beautiful sapphire surrounded by diamonds on her finger. For those who think of something like that, what do you think of the choice of using his mother’s ring again, and not the traditional diamond?

Rosemary: I thought that was absolutely beautiful. I was really happy to see it again. It’s interesting because the Royals do have a history of using sapphires. Ever since Victoria. So it’s actually very traditional for that family. I thought at the time, ‘oh my this is really going to solidify a huge trend that I’ve been seeing in the past year-year and a half of using sapphires’. So it’s already been coming across as a very strong trend. I think it’s going to become even more so. And a lot of people don’t realize, but sapphires actually come in all different colours. Over the past year we’ve been seeing lots of pinks and yellows and greens…

Interviewer: Really? They’re not just blue?

Rosemary: No!

Interviewer: Who knew?!

Rosemary: Yeah Princess Diana’s sapphire was extremely special. It was a Kashmir sapphire. It was very large, and it would rival many large diamonds in it’s value. This is going to be a major trend, to see these amazing sapphires come up again.

Interviewer: It is a beautiful ring.

Rosemary: Oh it’s lovely.

Interviewer: Sarah what kinds of trends can a Royal wedding of the century create?

Sarah: Well I think people are going to be watching closely, brides are going to be watching closely, to see what Catherine is going to be wearing. They’re going to be especially interested in her dress. It’s just like celebrity weddings, where brides are watching to see what the celebrity bride is wearing, and who the designer is. For example, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was earlier this year. Everyone was crazy about her dress, and wanted to know who designed it – Vera Wang designed a gorgeous dress for her. Brides are going to be watching for all the little details that will be in the ceremony; what flowers are going to be decorating the church, what bouquet she’s going to be wearing. And hopefully we’ll get to see some of the other decor details. With the reception I know they want to keep it as private as possible, so we’ll have to see what gets released.

Interviewer: As private as possible!

Sarah: Yeah I know! Considering it’s a Royal affair…

Interviewer: The world just went nuts with the engagement. Every newspaper on the planet’s got it on their front page.

Sarah: I know, I know it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. So they’ll be watching closely to see what transpires there.

Interviewer: Now you have to wait a year perhaps until the wedding to see that. But Rosemary, the cat’s out of the bag with the jewelry now. So what are you expecting to happen at the retail level here? Do you think people will come and say “I want one just like that”?

Rosemary: Probably not exactly like that.

Interviewer: Well not that big!

Rosemary: No!

Sarah: We all wish!

Interviewer: There’s not a big supply of them that big!

Rosemary: Yeah I think that we’ll see it right away. I have been seeing a lot of trends towards vintage style and vintage details in peoples jewelry. I think it will solidify certain trends again. Diana’s ring was in white gold, that trend will continue. And the interesting colour, that strong colour, I think it does actually help people to realize that you don’t have to choose something that’s pure white. So that’s the neat thing about it.

Interviewer: It’s not just the ring though now, people will be watching Catherine Middleton from this point forward to see what jewelry she chooses and how she presents herself. Because from now on she’s going to be on Entertainment Tonight, every night of the week. And people will get to know her wardrobe, particularly, fairly intimately.

Rosemary: Well, with the Royal family they do have quite a collection of jewelry. Oddly enough!

Interviewer: Yeah!

Rosemary: – That she can borrow from.

Interviewer: Like a whole place full of family jewels… Tower of London.

Rosemary: Yeah, so basically she’s going to be leant pieces. Certain watches, certain things that she actually chooses and likes and she’ll be able to wear. So it’ll be interesting to see how she wears it. Princess Diana was definitely very trendy in how she used to wear jewelry. She wore necklaces as tiaras. She had some very beautiful Art Deco watches, that were incrusted in diamonds. I think it’s going to be fun for people to see some of those amazing pieces. Catherine may even choose pieces that no one before her has chosen, and wear them in a unique way.

Interviewer: And Sarah what are you expecting from your blushing brides to be? What are they going to be looking for, apart from the Vera Wang style dress that Chelsea Clinton had, which not everybody can afford either. What are you looking for in the wedding, and what are you expecting?

Sarah: Well, we’re expecting to have brides take, from Catherine’s wedding, details that they can incorporate into their own. Obviously they’re not going to be able to create something as lavish as you might see with a Royal wedding. But they’ll take certain details and incorporate that into their own wedding, as suites their style.

Interviewer: How big a deal is this, in the world wide business of wedding planning?

Sarah: Well I think in the UK, obviously humongous, in Canada I think it’s maybe not as big. But you are definitely going to see certain trends coming from the wedding, after all the photos and video are released. Absolutely.

Interviewer: And Rosemary, same thing to you, how big a deal is this in the jewelry business?

Rosemary: It’s going to be hard to say. I think it’s more of a trend. Little details are going to come out, just like Sarah mentioned. I’m not really sure! We’ll see how it goes. I’m very hopeful that it’s going to produce some interesting things, and that’s basically it. It’s pretty simple for us.

Interviewer: And personally, how excited are both of you for this?

Rosemary: Oh it’s lovely to see. I’m very excited.

Sarah: To see a Royal wedding again is going to be a lot of fun. And brides are going to get really excited, and I think everyone will be gathering around their TV’s watching to see all the little details evolve and come to life.

Rosemary: Yes.

Interviewer: Wow time flies by. Its hard to believe that the last one was 1981.

Sarah: I know… I still remember!

Rosemary: A long time… Yes, so can I!

Interviewer: You must have been about two!

Sarah: A couple years older, but yes!

Interviewer: Thank you both for your time –

Sarah: Thank you so much!

Interviewer: – And have fun over the next few months.

Sarah: Thank you, we will. Rosemary: Absolutely yes, thank you!

Interviewer: Sarah Shore is a wedding planner with Dream Group Productions, Rosemary Bartram owns Era Jewellery Design. And now it’s over to you! Will you make a point of tuning into the Royal wedding? It’s slated for sometime next year. If you’re planning a wedding yourself, will you make some decisions based on the choices of William and Catherine – Kate? You can offer your thoughts on Talk Back, it’s 604-662-6690 or send us an email. Our email address is earlyed@cbc.ca

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