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Book an Appointment | OPEN Tues - Sat: 11am - 5pm | studio@eradesign.ca
Open by Appointment Tues - Sat 11AM - 5PM | studio@eradesign.ca

Buyer's Guide

Canadian diamond
| Individually tracked from source to sale

World diamond
 | Ethically sourced diamonds abide by Canadian law, and Kimberly process

Ethically sourced gemstone
| Coloured gemstones from trusted suppliers

Lab-Grown stones 
| Lab-grown gemstones or diamonds

Contains recycled metals
| Guaranteed to contain 50-100% recycled metals

Locally hand made
| Handcrafted by us in East Vancouver

Engraved by hand
| Millgrain and designs hand carved

Ready to wrap and ship
| This piece is ready to go

Added value by design
| Specially designed to wow without breaking the budget

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