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A Surprise Proposal — A Few Tips from the Pros

So you would like to keep your proposal to her a surprise. Great! It makes it very special for her when she doesn’t know it’s coming — it will be of the best surprises of her life. If you already know her style and have picked out a gorgeous engagement ring that you know she will absolutely love, then the only thing that you need is her ring size. Trying to find a nonchalant way of asking seems sillier with each idea you come up with, doesn’t it? You can set that idea aside and try something a little sneakier. Here are a few options for you to try, you may find one that suits your style. If she already wears several rings If she wears rings and has quite a collection of them then it’s a cakewalk for you!
  •  Simply borrow one of the rings that she would normally wear on her ring finger and slip it onto your pinky until it’s somewhat snug and draw a line with a pen where the ring rests. Then, visit your local jewellery store and have a staff member size your finger properly.
  • If her collection is modest and she only has a ring or two that she loves and wears all the time you will have to be a bit more sly about it. Try catching a moment when she takes them off and quickly try one on without her noticing, or be a bit silly and creative and joke about how you don’t wear enough rings yourself and you’d like to start. That’s just my suggestions; feel free to put your own silly spin on it! (If she only wears rings on her middle finger then it’s a safe assumption that her ring-finger size is one size smaller)
What to do if she doesn't wear any rings If she wears no rings at all you’ll have to be more creative about your planning!
  • One approach would be to involve a girlfriend, a sister, or mom. Ask them to take your lady shopping and just for fun ask them to try on a bunch of jewellery including rings. Big department stores like Sears or The Bay are great options because usually they have costume jewellery that lists sizes right on the tag. The only hitch to this option is it widens the circle of your secret. So be sure that whomever you involve will stay mum.
  • Another option would be to go shopping together. Get to a mall or a department store and try on stuff. You can have fun with this option. Be silly and try on goofy outfits and slowly make your way to the jewellery section. You can also visit a fine jewellery store like Era Design and have our experts visually assess her ring size. Be reasonably sure that she won’t catch on if you bring her in to visit us. Have a really good reason prepared: dad needs help picking out moms birthday gift, you need new cufflinks, or something of the like.
If you have any other questions about ring sizing or about custom-made jewellery, please contact Era Design at 604-688-2714 or at studio@eradesign.ca Good Luck!
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