• The Perfect Gift Giver

    Working in the jewellery industry has brought to my attention the difficulty gentlemen sometimes experience when deciding what to present to their lady for a birthday, anniversary or valentines day as a gift. Jewellery is of course a classic and lovely choice, but often it’s difficult to know exactly what she would love to wear. Here are a few ideas for both new couples and couples who have been together for more than a few years. For the gents who are in a somewhat new relationship—here are some thoughts on how to choose a special piece of jewellery for her that she would absolutely love!

    First, try and get a feel for her style by looking at the jewellery she already wears. This should give you some insight about what she likes. Take a look at the gem colours, precious metal textures and overall sizes of her existing jewellery and try to search out a piece that embodies some of those characteristics. If she doesn’t wear any silver or gold, but instead wears only costume jewellery, try to find a fine jewellery piece that has a similar look to her baubles.

    Second, see or rather listen if she is subconsciously dropping any kind of hints about what she likes. When getting dressed for an occasion, has she said anything about not having a staple piece such as stud, chandelier or drop earrings? Maybe it’s an everyday silver pendant she is looking for; a monogram pendant would be a great choice. As challenging as it can sometimes be for you gents, tune in if she is talking about shopping. See if you can subtly inquire if she saw anything she would love to have and where she saw it.

    Lastly, if you are still stuck, try talking to her friends or family. They will usually have a really good sense of her taste and style. You can ask things like: does she prefer gold or silver, simple and understated or bold and outstanding, coloured gems or diamonds, or no gems at all? Does she prefer earrings, necklaces, or pendants? Do a little bit of digging for information and shopping for a gift should be a lot less intimidating.

    For those of you who have been a couple for a lot longer it can be even more challenging to buy that special piece. It sometimes seems like she already has two of everything and you are out of ideas. In this case, I would suggest custom-made jewellery. There are two ways to do this. You can take one of her existing pieces and have it redesigned into something more modern and fresh without losing the sentimentality of the original piece. Or you can have something new, unique and special designed just for her. The design can include really special touches like birthstones, engraved dates, names, special sayings or really pretty hand-engraved patterns that would represent something you have experienced together. Custom-made jewellery usually takes a bit more planning then running out the night before and purchasing something outright, but it’s well worth the effort when she realizes how much thought went into it.

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