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Floris Fatalis Coming Soon!

Floris FatalisWe're launching a new Tessera sterling silver and rose gold collection. Floris Fatalis is inspired by classic the British “Cozy Murder Mystery”. After all, with autumn now upon us and Halloween around the corner, who doesn’t relish the thought of wrapping in a warm blanket and rereading a cherished Agatha Christie or watching their favourite BBC whodunnit?

The macabre tongue-in-cheek Floris Fatalis collection features such botanical criminals as Iris, Datura, Nightshade and Oleander. Each deadly plant is illustrated in detail alongside an unsuspecting winged creature such as a butterfly, ladybug or dragonfly.

The collection consists of eight unique pendants available in rose gold and sterling silver, each with a petite 18" antiqued silver chain.

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