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Colour Report Part 1: The perfect peach pink engagement ring gemstone

Colour Report Part 1: The perfect peach pink engagement ring gemstone

Pink Orange Sapphire Blorange

Colour Report:
The perfect peachy/pink engagement ring
It's not a secret that many people are searching for that perfect peach/pink (think blorange!) gemstone for their engagement ring. This almost neutral colour looks great on everyone! Luckily there are many amazing gemstones that occur in this colour spectrum in ALL budgets! Some sample prices* based on current availability are provided below.
According to PANTONE the formula to create the perfect peachy pink is a pale, warm harmony between orange and pink sometimes with a beige undertone.
Pink Orange Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring
Below left to right:  0.67ct round sapphire *$390, 0.73ct round sapphire *$420, 0.55ct asscher cut sapphire *$760, 0.36ct round sapphire *$250, 0.93ct PS sapphire *$900

peach pink sapphire gemstone engagement ring vancouver


Sapphire: 9 on the MOHs hardness scale with excellent sparkle and clarity, this gemstone occurs in pale pink, pale purple, and pale peach (along with many other beautiful colours)! This is an ideal choice for an everyday ring such as an engagement ring! With rarer colours, choices can be limited on size and shape so keep an open mind about design when looking into these beauties!

These sapphires are not to be confused with the very well known Padparadscha sapphires. Padparadscha sapphires are much richer and saturated in colour. The name is derived from the Sanskrit “padma ranga” which translates to “lotus colour”. It’s pink! No, orange! No, pink! Who knows? Not us. Do you?

Morganite: 7.5 on the MOHs hardness scale, this is a softer gemstone more prone to chipping and scratching. For many people, Morganite is the perfect balance of pink and peach with a lovely bronze tone. Morganite is part of the Beryl family and occurs in large nearly flawless crystals, with a nice reflective index. There are many sizes and shapes available in very reasonable prices. Era Design example: 6x4mm oval morganite *$100

Spinel: This gemstone is a stealth find! (Think of it as a cousin of sapphire.)  It is 8-8.5 on the hardness scale with a high lustre and excellent scratch resistance. Spinel is going to be the hot "new" stone very soon. It occurs in many colours including a soft lavender to a lovely peachy pink! Expect prices to go up soon now that spinel has become the alternative birthstone for August. Era Design example: 2.02ct spinel *$1250

Rose Quartz: A classic soft pink gemstone that people have loved for generations! 6.5-7 on the MOHS hardness scale, this stone is softer and more prone to scratching. Nevertheless, this semi transparent gemstone occurs in many shapes, cut styles and is very reasonably priced! Rose quartz is often associated with love and is a popular metaphysical crystal. 

Synthetic Sapphire: If you can't find the perfect natural peachy pink sapphire, why not try a synthetic sapphire instead? Chemically identical, and equally beauteous with an excellent range of sizes and cuts. And the peachy pink colour is now available! Era Design example: 6mm round Chatham created sapphire *$550

Champagne Diamond: 10 on the hardness scale, with high refraction and adamantine lustre - diamonds are a classic engagement ring stone. But what do pale peachy pink and champagne diamonds have in common? Quite a bit! Soft brown can have an orange to pink undertone. These pale tone diamonds are less expensive than traditional white diamonds, but certain sizes and shapes may not be available so keep an open mind when shopping. Era Design example: *$1850/ct and *$2665/ct for Canadian diamond

Pink Tourmaline: Occurs in pale to deep intense pink (as well as many other colours). It is 7-7.5 on the MOHS hardness scale. This gemstone does need to be cared for to avoid chips and scratches. Tourmalines exhibit some of the most beautiful and rare colours in the gemstone world so if you want a very specific shade of pink, tourmaline may be the gemstone for you! Era Design example: 0.67ct oval tourmaline *$200


* All prices are for example only and vary based on availability. Contact us for current stock and pricing.

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