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Diamonds & Gemstones

Mined Diamonds

Era Design prides itself on the quality of the conflict-free diamonds in our engagement rings. We believe origin is everything. We've taken great care in building face to face relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to minimize impacts on our planet and those who live on it.

Ethical Conflict Free Diamond Engagement RingsLook for this icon in our engagement ring shop to find unique designs that feature ethical conflict-free Canadian diamonds

GIA Certified Diamonds

Wherever possible, Era Design offers diamonds that are certified by an independent laboratory such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America.) This certificate provides our customers with an assurance of the quality and origin of our product. Era Design proudly sells diamonds from Canadian mines — the world's top producer of ethical diamonds. Our Canadian origin diamonds come with certificates of origin or proof of provenance such as those from Canadamark.  

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown diamonds are an excellent alternative to mined diamonds. They are chemically made up of the same material as mined diamonds, carbon, and are becoming more and more popular due to their affordable price point and decreased environmental impact on the planet. Diamonds produced in a lab duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop in the earth, making them nearly impossible to differentiate from mined diamonds. Our lab diamonds come with an IGI certification report. 

Ethical Gemstones

Era Design only purchases coloured stones from trusted suppliers with closed-loop tracking from mining to cutting and polishing. We've partnered with dedicated suppliers of ethical coloured gemstones such as sapphires from Montana, Australia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Madagascar. 

The gemstones we primarily work with are: Sapphires, Spinel, Moissanite, Rubies, and Emeralds.

Sapphires are excellent stones for daily wear. Since they measure 9 on the hardness scale, they are fairly resistant to chipping and scratching. Sapphire is part of the corundum family and occurs in every colour of the rainbow except red – a fact may come as a surprise to those who automatically think “blue”!

Ethically Sourced GemstonesLook for this icon in our engagement ring shop to find unique designs that feature ethically sourced gemstones

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