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Open by Appointment: Tues - Sat 11am - 5pm | | (604) 688-2714
Open by Appointment: Tues - Sat 11am - 5pm | | (604) 688-2714

Custom Design FAQ

Yes, we work closely with clients to make engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, and earrings. Click here to book a free design consultation. 

We estimate 8 - 10 weeks once a stone and design have been finalized. During our busier seasons, expect longer time frames of 10 - 12 weeks. We are a small team handcrafting each unique piece by hand - thank you for your patience in the process! 

Possible delays can include:

  • Casting fail: Each custom wax model is sent for casting, and due to the nature of the casting process (which is done by hand), there can be occasional delays due to a casting fail. 
  • Wax adjustments or reprints: We take the utmost care in perfecting the measurements of your custom wax design; therefore, occasional reprints occur due to slight adjustments that are needed. This is also the time for customers to make adjustments to their design if requested, which can also add delays. 
  • Supplier delays: We work closely with an out-of-house casting team, as well as stone setters and stone suppliers. On occasion, delays due to Covid can occur with our suppliers. 

In the event of a delay, the team at Era makes sure to notify customers of any potential delays as soon as they occur, so that our customers can adjust timelines accordingly. 

Yes, If you have an existing mounted heirloom jewellery item, and you wish to reset the stone, please refer to our Resetting page here

Era Design does not accept loose gemstones or diamonds supplied by clients. We have established long standing relationships with our trusted suppliers, and solely source our stones from them. Stones of unknown or unverified provenance can be treated with hazardous processes that are not disclosed to customers and could be unsafe for our goldsmiths and stone setters to work with.

Yes! When starting a custom job we take an initial deposit of $300 or $500 + tax up front, and the outstanding balance can be paid once the project is completed. You are also welcome to make payments along the process. If you are unable to pay the remaining balance in that time frame, you will have 3 months to pay off the remainder before pickup or shipment.  

Era Design retains copyright on all jewellery we design, developed, and manufacture. All sketches, wax models, and samples provided during the process remain the property of Era Design and can be used again at a later date.

We do not offer exclusivity for clients on any designs we create. The reason clients choose Era Design is because of our unique style. Every ring we create is different from the last; however, there are common threads that make each piece recognizable as our own. Given constraints in materials and techniques, there are a finite number of designs possible for rings. Over thousands of years, artisans have drawn upon a shared history of ring manufacture and design. Due to social media, design trends often emerge rapidly online, and we frequently receive multiple requests for similar styles at the same time. We do our best to represent these trends in our portfolio, while at the same time respecting other designers' work and retaining Era Design's signature style.