At Era Custom Design Modern and Vintage Jewellery we are committed to producing jewellery that minimizes impact on our environment and fosters local Vancouver artisans within our own community. Relationships are built on respect and custom designing a piece of jewellery is no different. It is a collaborative process from beginning to end.


It’s important to recognise the roles precious and semiprecious metals play in our daily lives. From the mobile phones in our pockets, to the bicycles and cars we commute with. We acknowledge all these metals and their byproducts come at a cost to our planet. However, with this in mind jewellers have long been “recyclers”. The increasing value of the materials we work with ensures nothing goes to waste. In fact virtually all of the gold we work with has at one point or another been recycled during it’s lifetime. Currently our gold is between 75-100% recycled content.



Era Design only purchases diamonds and coloured stones from trusted Canadian diamond suppliers with closed-loop tracking from mining, cutting and polishing to your ring. Our diamonds come from mines following ethical labour, trade, and environmental standards in Canada. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has banned the sale of conflict diamonds. We are proud that our government is one of the few that has taken such a leading position on this issue. 

A conflict free diamond means different things to different people. At Era design, we buy only from trusted suppliers who don't source diamonds from countries that have active civil wars or armed conflicts. We support local economies with labour laws and regulated environmental practices. Events in the world are constantly evolving. Conflict can happen at any moment; political systems can change, natural or environmental disasters can occur anywhere. We do our best to stay apprised of current events impacting our industry and inform our purchasing policies.

As an added measure, Era Design does not accept diamonds or coloured stones bought from the internet by clients. Such stones can be treated with hazardous processes that are not disclosed to customers and could be unsafe for our goldsmiths and stone setters to work with. If you have an existing mounted jewellery item you wish to reset we will want to know the provenance of the piece and in some cases we may ask for an independent appraisal of the gemstones. We will want to unset the gems in our workshop so we can best assess the condition of the stones for future resetting. 


As creators and makers, Era Design unequivocally respects copyright laws. Originality is one of the cornerstones of our business, therefore it is our policy not to copy other designer’s work. During the design process clients may reference existing jewellery designs and seek inspiration from art, architecture and nature. This can be useful to reveal a common thread to draw upon as a catalyst for creating individual designs. Era Design retains the copyright to all designs created during the custom design process.


All jewellery stamped with Era Design’s trademark is designed and crafted in Vancouver by local craftspeople. This stamp signifies the pride of design and workmanship which is at the heart of the process. At a time when manufacturing and customer service is routinely outsourced and quality control is elusive, we have assembled a team of dedicated Vancouver professionals whose work is their passion. By working with Era Design you are contributing economically to your own community and helping to enrich and preserve local artisanal knowledge and skills.



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