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Process & Planning




At Era Custom Design Modern and Vintage Jewellery, we specialize in custom design. We pride ourselves on the beauty, simplicity and originality of our designs.

We meet with our clients several times at our Commercial Drive studio while creating custom pieces of jewellery. Custom designing jewellery is a collaborative process and we involve clients at each important step. We incorporate the characteristics you love to make it uniquely yours. We are here to listen, to provide our expert advice and to create the perfect piece of jewellery with you.

Whether creating wedding bands, engagement rings earrings or pendants, here are the major steps involved in creating your piece of jewellery:

Consultation. Together, we discuss design, materials, stones, and how we can best work within your budget to achieve the look you are seeking. Usually, people will begin with looking at the engagement rings and wedding bands we have in the store. We also find it helpful when clients bring in inspirational pictures to discuss.

Sketch Review. On your second visit to Era Design, we will have finished sketches for you to view. We will also have a selection of loose stones if required. Whether they are conflict free diamonds or coloured stones, we will explain the special merits of each one. Then, as you examine those precious stones, we can discuss your inspirations and any changes you may seek in the design. Additionally, we will review important details such as how high a stone is set or how wide a ring will be. If you choose a stone at this stage, we ask for a deposit.

Wax Review. A wax model will be ready for your viewing about one to two weeks later. This model may be 3D printed or hand carved depending on the specific design. The shape of this model will be a replica of your finished piece of jewellery. This step gives you a chance to appreciate the overall size and design of the finished piece. You can consider its actual size, the way it looks from every angle, and the proportions of its details. This model gives you the final opportunity to change or adjust your design. Once you have approved the model, it is carefully cast in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver or platinum, and then the stones are set in place.

Production. Casting, finishing and stone setting plus any special finishes like milgrain, machine or hand engraving happen at this stage.

Completion. We call you as soon as your jewellery is boxed and ready! If it is a gift, we always wrap it beautifully for you — with the taste and care it deserves.



Due to the collaborative nature of custom designing jewellery there are points during the making of the piece that Era Custom Design Modern and Vintage Jewellery pauses work. At these stages, we require your approval of a sketch or wax to proceed. If you are on a tight timeline approving our work is crucial to keeping your project’s due date on track.

How much time should you allow?

A typical custom designed wedding band or engagement ring takes between six and eight weeks to produce. This length of time is determined by the complexity of the piece.

Does Era Design do rush jobs?

At times, Era Design can expedite customer projects so please consult us to assess the status of our wait list. At certain busy times of year like Christmas, we work overtime to finish everyone’s projects but due to the nature of custom jewellery process there are distinct cut-off dates to consider. Please consult us well in advance of holidays to find out what those cut-off dates may be.

Short of time?

Era Design also has a signature selection of rings, pendants, and earrings in our studio and available online that are Era Design originals. Each one is handcrafted and ready to be professionally wrapped for any special occasion or holiday.