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Closed July 1st | Open by Appointment | Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm |
Closed July 1st | Open by Appointment | Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm |

Sparkle and Shine



If you have a ring that you love and wear every day, then you may notice that over time it starts to lose its’ sparkle and shine. This is because everyday wear allows all kinds of things like lotion, soap, cleaning agents, dust etc to build up on your ring and hide all the brilliance of it. To keep your ring clean there are a few things you can do:

1. Come visit Era Design at its’ new location at 1795 Venables Street (just half a block up from Commercial Drive), we offer free cleaning and polishing services on all Era Design made jewellery. Our experts will give it an ultrasonic bath, brush away all the residue, give it a good steam and buff your ring to a showroom shine.

2. If you don’t have the time to visit us, you can make a mild solution of Mr. Clean and water (2 parts water, 1 part Mr. Clean) for cleaning your jewellery. After briefly soaking your ring in this solution, use a very soft bristle toothbrush and very gently scrub away all buildup. Finish by rinsing under running water and allow the ring to fully dry before putting it back on. This cleaning method works for most standard karat precious metals and most precious gems.

WARNING: Be aware that Emeralds and Pearls should not be exposed to any type of cleaning agents, solvents, or chemicals of any kind (that includes chlorinated water and salt water). Avoid getting these soft gems wet as much as possible.

A few more tips on how to care for your custom designed or antique rings from the experts:
  • avoid doing things like gardening or heavy-duty cleaning while wearing your ring
  • when washing your hands remove your ring first, put back on after hands are dry
  • when using moisturizer, remove ring, let lotion get absorbed and then put back on
  • avoid wearing your ring during hands-on sporting activities
  • remove your ring before going to bed
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