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Open by Appointment | Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm | FREE shipping across CANADA
Open by Appointment | Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm | FREE shipping across CANADA


  • May 4, 2015 Rosemary Bartram

    CASE STUDY: Mismatched inherited diamonds #2

    This week we continue our design case study of mismatched inherited stones. This week I'm creating pendants and earrings. Please see previous post for our rings design solutions. I ended up designing a few pieces for this blog post and will share all of them! These images are Vray renderings and are not finished pieces. As they are just works in progress, hand created details such as engraving and millgrain are added after casting, polish and stone setting. As in the previous post, we have chosen a 0.10ct and 0.21ct round diamond.
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  • April 12, 2015 Rosemary Bartram

    CASE STUDY: Mismatched inherited diamonds #1

    Since first opening our doors, Era Design has specialized in custom design. We are unusual in that we handcraft all our jewellery. We do this because we love what we do. In an industry that increasingly reduces staff, outsources work and buys semi-finished goods from catalogs, we've done the opposite. We've hired more top-notch craftspeople, have expanded our workshop and invested in new technology to achieve the best results. Even so, at the heart of the process is twenty years of experience as designers. You can make something that isn't thoughtfully designed right from the start. We're not talking about simply doing a 3D mockup on the computer. We're talking about the ability to envision a wearable custom designed wedding or engagement ring from concept to completion — one that not only fits perfectly on your finger, but with your lifestyle.
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  • January 28, 2015 Rosemary Bartram

    Georgia Straight Interview

    With snow bells peeking out and Spring in the air, Era Design is gearing up for wedding season. In fact, we're nearly in full swing for Spring weddings. Vancouver's mild weather makes for a far earlier start than back east. Rosemary was interviewed by...

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  • July 4, 2014 Rosemary Bartram

    Live on Instagram!

    It has been an exceedingly busy summer for weddings so far, but we've finally launched our Instagram and Facebook accounts. This is where we'll share recent completed work, as well as some behind the scenes pics of our design and making process.
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  • September 12, 2013 Rosemary Bartram

    Sparkle and Shine


    If you have a ring that you love and wear every day, then you may notice that over time it starts to lose its’ sparkle and shine. This is because everyday wear allows all kinds of things like lotion, soap, cleaning agents, dust etc to build up on your ring and hide all the brilliance of it. To keep your ring clean there are a few things you can do...

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  • June 5, 2013 Rosemary Bartram

    Art Deco Inspiration

    flutter earrings
    Ever since opening nine years ago we've been looking to design history for inspiration. There has been a gradual swell of interest in art deco over the last four years, however thanks to the new Gatsby phenomena it has pretty much exploded. Here is a survey of some of our favourite deco inspired jewellery designs we've done over the years.
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