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Ruby Dearest...

 Ruby & Diamond Ring, Courtesy of Era DesignA classic gem used in fine jewellery making is the ever timeless and beautiful ruby. This gorgeous intense red-colored gemstone is ideal for pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and any other piece of fine precious metal jewellery.

A ruby is valued for its intense and unique red hue, which no other gem possesses. The most valuable sort of ruby is the “pigeon blood” red colored ruby. A natural ruby in this vivid hue is a fierce rival to the toughest gem there is to compete against – the diamond.

This beautiful scarlet gem is a fantastic choice for use in engagement rings and wedding bands for those who have a certain passion for non-tradition. On the Mohs’ scale with a hardness score of 9.0, this gem is just 1 point shy of the diamond, which rates highest with a score of 10. So what does that mean exactly? Simply put, not only is the ruby a stunning gem, it also stands up to the test of wear and tear as well as time with a lot of endurance and integrity. 

There is a certain secret to these beautiful scarlet gems. What some people aren’t aware of is that these gemstones are very closely related to another classic and beautiful gem – the sapphire. So, how close is close? Well, if it weren’t for the traces of the element chromium, which causes the beautiful red hue in the ruby, the gem would actually be classified as a sapphire. Talk about a gorgeous corundum family of color!


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