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Ring Care Tips When Using Hand Sanitizers!

Ring Care Tips When Using Hand Sanitizers!

Hand sanitizers and cleaning products have been a staple this year with Covid-19, but they can obscure the beauty of your jewellery. 

From our research, most gel-based alcohol hand sanitizers are safe for nonporous gemstones, gold, silver, and platinum. Organic gemstones such as pearls and coral should avoid all hand sanitizers. However, chlorine-based sanitizers can cause discolouration of silver jewellery and cause cracking in low karat gold (8kt, 9kt, and 10kt.) Chlorine can also have a harmful effect on white gold in higher karats if exposed to it repeatedly. Please remove jewellery that may come in contact with chlorine-based sanitizers. If your piece has been exposed, please rinse it as soon as you can.

We recommend taking off your rings before applying hand sanitizer and waiting until it has dried before placing the rings back on. This step will help decrease a build-up and keep your rings cleaner for longer!

To remove existing build-up and keep your jewellery shiny and clean, once a week, we recommend soaking your rings in a warm water and dish soap solution and brushing them gently with a toothbrush.

Just a reminder, if you're uncertain about doing it yourself, we offer free cleaning and polishing on Era Design pieces at our storefront, so give us a call to book an appointment!

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